Friday, 18 March 2011

Three Days Later...back at a pharmacy In Prague

Death plague illness continues to try to take us down...all 3 of us.  I nearly coughed up a fur ball in the presentation today.  God help me if those poor men report back on me.  I shall be canned instantly.  The good news is I have made that presentation so many times now, even with ringing ears and coughing like mad, I still got the point across, I suppose.  They thanked us anyhow!

It started snowing during the meeting.  The first flakes of the trip.  Wisely, I chose this day not to bring a coat, but an umbrella.

 At this pharmacy trip, I purchased a thermometer which gave me a reading of 38c.  Off to the iphone for google to get me to a converter which reported over 100f.  There you have it, my Czech thermometer has confirmed I am indeed ill'in  Not a great day to play in snow with no coat.

You know you are sick when you are taking medical advice from a pharmacist that does not know much English but points at parts of your body for discussion.  As you can see above, the little package with the moon and stars is the only way I could find the Czech version of NyQuil.  And when I picked off shelf, she was urgently saying, NO NOT NOW, and waved her hands to indicated time passing.  I truly believe my life's work as a packaging graphics manager, is very important indeed.  The universal/global imagery across everything is astounding.  Lays Potato chips are my favorite localization treats.  All the flavors over here.  Quite frankly, America gets ripped off.  Except for the Prawn chip.  Lays?  Who wants a seafood flavored potato?  Chinese have their own shrimp chips.  I digress. back to the pharmacy.   I enjoyed our mime game, so I decided to tug at my lip and say mouth ulcer.  I have (excuse if tmi here) multiple mouth ulcers, which the internet says is brought on by lack of sleep and stress.  No shit Sherlock...I'm flying out of a country every other day, can't sleep because I am sick, and I have no money that works every time I land, and I miss my mmmoooooooommmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy!  LOL  Anyway back to pharmacist.  Amazingly, she knew immediately what to give me, spot on, as Kate would say.  Lush!

Today's pharmacy trip and subsequent trips have resulted in inability to do actual video game store checks.
Maybe over the weekend.

Sigh.  Signing off from my Sheraton room in a beautiful Eastern European city, Prague.  Here's a few more snaps of what we came across yesterday in search of a money ATM machine.

Amazing cheese shop!  Look at the Pesto cheese to the right of my head!  And Paprika cheese, which I learned later is a red bell pepper, atleast that's what came on my pizza.

  Oh, and the funniest thing we've seen so far in Prague...


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