Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Quintessential London

I took public transit in London.  I won't do it in San Francisco. I got lost on Bart.  Seriously, what has come of me.  I'll tell you what...if I don't be brave I will be captured by the Taliban and that will be the last of me.  I'm going to milk this world tour for every ounce of my being.  You say, it's for work right?  And I tell you, I work with some of the most amazing and inspirational, passionate people...literally all over the world.  It's inspiring and most importantly, they are glad to see me and the two lovely woman, Kate and Jessica.  We are like a 3 man M*A*S*H unit, delivering wisdom on the brand.  It's like we have penicillin to the creative starving and sick.  Ok, I am being overly dramatic, but seriously, when you saw who authored this post, you knew what you were getting into so power on, or buggar off.

Incidentally, I have adapted the native accents and languages.  However, I can't be bothered with using them correctly.  I pick my favorite word of the day and use it often and loudly.  Today was Bon Soire.  I believe I am trying to say 'hello' but I tell everyone good night...all day.  the lady selling me chocolate.  Bon Soire!!!  I also love to say Merci bo qou...hell I can't spell it if I can't say it.  Lord help me.

Tonite at dinner, we toast to departing Geneva Switzerland.  I asked the chicks what the word of the day in Milan will be.  We settled on Buon Giorno.  As far as I'm concerned that the crappy frozen pizza from home, so my Italian will be 'very good'.  Tres Bien...or something.  I have never used so much on my Iphone.  Critical when translating a menu.  I don't want to be eating any lizard tails or Ox balls.  OMG, we are going to be in Poland soon.  I better get googling or we may starve to death.


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