Monday, 14 March 2011

Poland ... who knew?

Did you know Warsaw has some tall buildings that are like really TALL?  And some that are super colorful?

Also, today I invented what I am calling the "SNEAKY SNAP".  Where you put the iphone on FaceTime forward, pretend you are play a vid game or checking email, tilt the phone and Sneaky Snap Attack the unsuspecting victim.  Note, it is key to put the phone on silent as to be Stealthy in your Sneaky Snap Attack.  Here's my first victim:

Hello?  There's no mistaking we are in Poland is there?  He's like quintessential Polish man with the thickest mustache he had to have started in 1972.  By the way, the Polish taxi fleet is nearly 100% Mercedes with the cheapest horrible cloth seats produced on Planet Earth.  It's so weird.  The Citroen we rode in was MUCH nicer.  We've been in lots of Audi's as well.  

This concludes my analysis of Polish transportation, as we did not go anywhere by plane or train today.  And no side trips to Budapest, Zimbabwe or other lands unplanned for this tour.  However, it isn't over yet!

Stockholm, Sweden tomorrow.  As I wrote on Facebook (5 words I vowed never to say but have been sucked in by Kate and Jess), BRING ON THE IKEA Swedish meatballs.  I'm hoping to be able to Snap a pic of a real liVE Ikea factory!  How cool would that be?  Do you think Ikea is even CHEAPER in Sweden?  hee hee

Forgot to comment on Polish food.

Exhibit A:  Lunch at Mall Food court.  Carrots were tasty.  Potatoes Crispy.  Fish...I believe prepared by the Gordon Fisherman.

Exhibit B:  Ribeye steak with the best red wine reduction sauce, more potatoes and a garlic sour cream sauce.  al dente green beans and al dente baby asparagus in a delicate butter sauce.  Umm, hello this was in the lobby of hotel at the Westin Warsaw.  Seriously...I might even YELP this one.

Exhibit C:  Wait for it.  You know the Dessert is coming.  Or as Kate the Brit says...Pudding (even when you are ordering Chocolate Fudge Lava Cake, as Kate does whenever on the menu)

Fresh fruit in a ganache cream served with Kiwi Passionfruit fusion sorbet.  Umm, yes, it was stellar and the little star is a dried hibiscus flower...which I touched and took a bite of and my fingers are still stained pink.

Now I am tired and ready to prepare for our trip to the coldest destination of the trip.  Sweden!

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  1. Umm, food in Poland doesn't look half bad. I hope it tasts as good as it looks.