Friday, 18 March 2011

EA America...step is up...Geneva's coffee bar ROCKS

Seriously, EA US has the crappiest coffee machines in the globe.  I can, with zero reservation, say that the coffee I drank in Geneva from the fancy machine, was better than some in the cafe's or restaurants.  Here's the gang enjoying sushi!

And here's the magic caffeine machine in action:

Please forgive my silly narration, I forget there is a microphone!

Italy was so apologetic as the terrible coffee options they had, that they sent out for a proper Italian coffee.  Here's how a 'take away' coffee arrived.

Foil wrapped china cup complete with saucer.  Seriously unbelievable and not a drop spilled and hot, no less.

I'm learning to drink coffee without my ritual of hazlenut or toffee nut or whatever nut-of-the-day is at Starbucks.  Haven't been to Starbucks except at one airport we saw one in Stockholm and then we didn't make it back because arrivals and departures are weird there.  I wonder what habits I'll break and what ones I'll pick up.  One thing I WILL NOT be doing is watching CNN.  OMG, I am sick to death of 24/7 Japanese and Libya coverage.  Haven't these people heard of reality tv over here?  We had the results of American Idol Top 12 revealed last night and I have to go find a pirated viewing on the internet somewhere tonite.  Klever Kate watched Grey's Anatomy last night while I played 2 hours of Plants Vs. Zombies with 100 deg fever.  (Side bar:  I am in the level where there is lightening.  I swore my Ipad was blinking with no power and I was freaked.  NOOOOOO!  I can't have broken my ipad.  I went to the charger, turned it off, etc.  Reboot, prayed, lit candles...and then went back in.  This time, the lightening followed by thunder sounds and rain, and I realized STUPID STUPID ZOMBIE GAME!!!!!!!!  You're the BEST!

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