Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pharmacy Field Trip

After a great day with Petra, Rikard, and Maria, the girls and I all had a very special field trip to Apoteket today. After some comical moments trying to interpret Swedish medical/pharmacological jargon, we settled on what we think is antihistamine for Kate (to go with her anti-inflammatories, nasal sprays, and Sudafed), cough medicine for me, and ear plugs for Cole (to prevent the inner ear pressure issues that are plaguing Kate from rearing up in Cole's cold-infected head).

Yes, we're all ill.

It's possible we may earn some not-so-nice nicknames for our germ-laden visits ... after the incubation period ends, but we're hoping that we haven't passed on anything more than our appreciation for all of the kindnesses shown to us thus far.

Tomorrow we're off to Prague ... to hopefully share only our collective Sims branding knowledge!

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